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Rion Atom

"Some plant flags and with symbols to match factions
Pride in such things that happened by happenstance is
An ever so elaborate way to establish what we have
Where in this back alley galaxy data's the only asset"


Rion Atom is a San Antonio, TX based lyricist whose work typically deals with abstract concepts, and surreal imagery. Since joining the Grand Unified collective in 2013, Rion Atom has performed various shows in his hometown, as well as Seattle, D.C., Austin and more. 

Auditory Emporium, Rion Atom’s debut album, released on March 13, 2020. The album is an arrangement of instrumentals and odd concepts collected over the years; ranging from reflective, lo-fi vibes, to boombap sounds about partying in the microverse. “The Emporium is like a gallery where these abstract thoughts live." Songs like “Imaginarium” set a dreamy, foreboding tone, while others like “Untidal’d” and “Cosmic Cruisin’” highlight fun and interesting wordplay. “I hope I convey a vivid place for each song." The project is animated by Rion Atom’s skillful, driving cadence, against a smooth, sometimes dark, lo-fi backdrop, creating an experience altogether cool and mysterious. 

Rion Atom's more personal follow-up to Auditory Emporium is available now. Color Coated is a top to bottom reflection of where the lyricist finds himself at present. From the opening track, "A World With Outlines", the EP offers up tantalizing vignettes pulled from the mind of an artist hungry for renown. His chromatic journey ends with "A World Without Lines," as the word-smith captures the plight of that Hungry Artist in a more refined, down to earth manner than the project's precursor. Color Coated is at once large and lively, yet never strays from Rion's staple sound of urbane and mellow. 

Currently, Rion Atom is in the writing phase of yet another project, but has his sights set on a post-COVID world starved for live music.

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